Description of Our Business

We are a consultant company that source for potential business for our client to venture their business to Singapore. Our client from Japan will give their requirement and we will sources for related business trade.

E.g we have company that deal with recycling of water.
Their requirement is to min profit $800k annually and operated at less 6years. We recommended a company that maintains pools and water fountains.

We are manage overseas companies that are interested to start business or company in Singapore. In addition we also provide web-based consulting services, comprehensive management including sales, finance, taxation, and legal affairs, asset management, and promotion of employment of persons with disabilities.

Other Business

■ System-related business

We produce various applications, business systems, websites, etc., promote business using them, and provide consulting services related to SEO measures, branding, cyber security, etc.

■ Various design businesses

In addition to homepage production, web design for EC sites, graphic design and paper design for posters and pamphlets, we also design spaces for interiors of stores and houses.

■ Healthcare related business

We runs a Chiropractic clinic and provides beauty and treatment that incorporates acupuncture and moxibustion and judo rehabilitation techniques.
We are developing health-related products as part of industry-academia collaboration with medical institutions

Company Information

  • ■ Name of Company
  • Alchemy Financial Trade Pte Ltd
  • ■ UEN : 201608248D
  • ■ Director : Atsushi Kawai
  • Local Director : Takahiro Yamamura
  • ■ Adress : 61 Bukit batok crescent heng loong building #08-07 Singapore 658078
  • ■ Bank : Standard Chartered Bank (Singapore) Limited
  • The Development Bank of Singapore Limited

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